Design and installation of AV equipment to best suit you and your lifestyle. Allowing access to a simple lounge surround sound system to a full home audio system with wall mounted TV’s and no messy cables.

AV Installation Services in Auckland

Turn your room or lounge into the best entertainment centre in Auckland with the top-class audio video installations of Vine Electricals. From a simple lounge surround sound system to a full home audio system with wall-mounted TV, our technicians are experts in installing all kinds of AV equipment. We promise to deliver a quality service at the most affordable prices.

In order to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, we only use cutting-edge technology and ensure every installation is nothing less than perfect. All of our AV equipment are of the highest quality and so is our service. Before starting the installation process, our experts have a detailed discussion with our customers to understand their requirements. This enables us to propose to you only what’s actually needed.
We are here for your every project, from residential to large scale commercial. No matter the specifics of your requirement, if you need AV Installation in Auckland, Vine Electrical is where you call.
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Expert Electrician for Audio-Visual Solutions

Vine Electrical takes pride in being the most trusted electrical services provider in Auckland. We specialise in no-mess, high-quality audio video installations in both residential and commercial spaces. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have managed to exceed our own quality standards on multiple occasions. Whether you need a home audio system or a surround sound system for your lounge, you can trust us to deliver only the best.
All our quotes are honest and reasonable. Our aim is to your satisfaction and we will leave no stone unturned to achieve it. Call us now or submit the online contact form to discuss the details.

The term ‘AV equipment’ refers to a wide range of devices, from simple flat-screen televisions to sophisticated sound systems. Depending upon the requirement and nature of the installation setting, some common AV equipment are loudspeakers, soundbars, microphones, projectors, etc.

The final cost of complete installation of AV equipment will depend upon the type of equipment you choose as well as the nature of the installation site, like residential, corporate, etc. On average, the price may range from $100-$4000.