With Electric cars becoming more popular why not make the jump to a fully electric car. Vine Electrical can supply and install domestic and commercial car charging systems for your home or business. EVlink parking, EVlink wallbox, Wallbox, Ehome.

Installation EV Car Charges in Auckland by Experts

A Vine Electrical electrician can come to you anywhere in Auckland and design an EV car charging system installation that’s perfect for your house or business and will ensure that your electric vehicle runs smoothly.
A Vine Electrical certified electrician can access, install, test, and verify the safe working of your EV charger. Our expert technicians will walk you through the whole process of installing, operating, and maintaining your EV charging station…

But before that, EV charger house evaluation is essential for determining your home’s electrical infrastructure. Ask our team about our unmatched yearly planned maintenance offer.

EV Car Solution from Experienced & Expert Electrician

Vine Electrical exclusively hires experienced and expert electricians who are completely certified and trained to ensure that your car charging system installation is to the highest standards. Our focus is to provide the finest possible solution for your home or workplace.
First, our experienced electrician will do a house inspection at your chosen time to determine the ideal orientation of the EV charger and if your home has an adequate power supply to support the station, as well as whether adjustments to your metering cabinet or plugging system are required.
Our local Vine Electricals installation team will then give a summary and installation quote based on your house inspection and requirements. The quotation will include information about the individual installation options and requirements. Furthermore, our qualified electricians will install your new Electric Vehicle Charger following all New Zealand norms and regulations. Get your quote now!

Charge your Electric Car at Your Home

Consider how convenient and ecologically friendly driving your EV around the city will be. You will no longer have to drive the whole street to find available charging stations; instead, simply drive into your garage or carport, plug in, and charge your vehicle for free.
When you are able to charge your electric car at home, you’re guaranteed to have a full charge and be ready to go. Surprisingly, charging your electric car at home is both convenient and cost-effective. By plugging in the charger at night, you’ll be good to go in the morning.
Vine electrical installs a globally renowned charging system. Our electric car charging station installation from EV Link is simple to use, durable, intelligent, and flexible. This product is suitable for everyday usage in parking lots, whether residential, commercial, or public. We can install EV chargers for any electric car while adhering to the corporate and vehicle charging requirements. Feel free to call or email us to find out how you can charge your electric car at home.