Wired or wireless you want a fast stable internet connection. Here at Vine Electrical we can make this possible. We can design and install hard wired access points and wifi routers to give you full coverage on your premises. This allows you to then connect to all devices in your home or office. For example Phones, laptops, AC, Speakers and home audio systems.

Internet & Networking Solution in Auckland

The premier provider of WIFI installation services in Auckland is Vine Electrical. We provide quality and affordable solutions to all your internet-related problems. We provide you with the right internet at the right price with no lock-in contracts. If you want to turn your entire business network around or install and configure your residential wireless network, our trained team of expert technicians does it effortlessly.

We understand the number of internet users in your home or office, their location on the property, and other variables such as density and obstructions to provide you with an optimal environment for WIFI network installation.
Our WIFI setups are simple, safe, and ready to use. Our team of experts has a lot of expertise setting up wireless internet connections. We know how to get the most out of your Wi-Fi infrastructure based on your specific requirements.
We don’t use the same wireless internet installation strategy for everyone; instead, we create a foolproof method to give our clients a wired or wireless network setup that stands out and delivers satisfying services. Whether you require multi-site WIFI, cloud WIFI, or any other enterprise WIFI design, Vine Electrical is here to help.

How much does WIFI cost to install?

Vine Electrical offers modern, high-speed network solutions to fit your office or home internet needs. In areas where there is fiber in the street, we are providing free standard residential fiber installations.

The following items are included in our basic installation service:

  • Aerial cable, ground cable, via an existing conduit, soft tunnelling, slot tunnelling, or hard tunnelling are all possibilities for connecting your property to the fibre network in your street.
  • Any surfaces that may have been damaged during the installation will be restored.
  • External termination point (ETP) installation on the property’s outside.
  • The installation of an optical network terminal (ONT) and a router on the property.
  • Connecting the modem of your internet service provider (if applicable)
  • To verify that everything is in working condition, testing is performed.

The distance between your property’s boundary and our ETP in a typical installation is no more than 250 m. You may be asked to pay the cost of installation if the distance between your property line and our ETP exceeds 250 metres. Before commencing any work at your site, we will discuss this contribution with you.

Please keep in mind that Vine Electrical does not cover the following expenses:

  • Electrical work to install more power outlets.
  • Relocating the ETP, ONT or router after installation.

Contact us today for a comprehensive merger of communications and digital technologies with a perfect network.