We are a company that prides ourselves on our design and build projects. This allows the client to get what they want with the help and guidance of Vine Electrical. The design and build approach helps the client be more involved with the project from start to finish, creating a strong working relationship. This can include a unique lighting design, controlled power outlets and lighting. Energy management systems.

How We Help New Builds Rise Sky High

As an electrical service company, we take pride in both our renovation and new build projects. However, having said that, working with new builds has always been our first love and have steadily come out as our forte…….

We adore doing it from start to finish and provide the best electrical services, including lighting, outlets, energy management and whatnot. So the next time you are building a new home or even a commercial set up, make sure to reach out to us for all your electrical needs by giving us a quick call any time of the day, and we will be happy to help.

Key Factors While Building a New Space:

While there are many things you need to take care of while building a new space, like design, decor and much more, the electrical needs of the space cannot be compromised. The placement of lighting, appliances and outlets, along with their design, appeal and even their functionality, matters a lot for any new construction. This stands true for both commercial and residential builds. Putting all your dilemmas to rest, our electrical services are designed to cater to all the problems, providing you with a space that is perfect in every sense.

We are a new build electrical company offering a horde of services. We pay attention to every detail like lights, outlets, audio visual, internet, networking, security and everything in between related to electrical needs of a new build

Our Most Sought-after Services for New Builds

When you design a new build, you have to put so many things together – interior decor, space planning, and moreā€¦ While most of the aspects are usually taken care of by hiring an interior designer, electrical design or planning is something that very few think about. But imagine living in a space that has dysfunctional electrical lighting or sockets or ill-fitted appliances — would you be able to cope up? So make sure to give us a call as soon as your architect starts working on your new construction. We promise we will work in close coordination with him and deliver the house/office of your dreams in just no time.

At Vine Electrical, we precisely offer all the electrical services you require for a new build, such as lighting, outlets, audio visual, internet connection, networking, security systems. However, there are few specialized offerings by us such as lighting design, controlled power outlets, energy management systems that steal the limelight. While our lighting fixtures match the era of your freshly constructed home, so do our power outlets. These are placed around your home or office to suit you and how you live or work.

Experienced & Trusted Electrician for New Build Auckland

Generally, homeowners give utmost importance to a newly built home. They look after every support beam, window, and are very particular in designing furniture work to make their home aesthetically good and safe to live in. But very few think about electrical design or planning. imagine living in a space that has dysfunctional electrical lighting or sockets- would you be able to cope up? So be ready to give us a call as soon as your architecture starts working on your new home. Our expert new construction electricians will work closely with them and deliver the home of your dreams.

Our certified and experienced electrical contractors who are experts in new build electrical works come to the worksite when requested and conduct our duties without disturbing any other work. We set up service panels, install wires that lead to every outlet throughout the house, and we do it following the latest and most recent electrical codes.

We offer customized electrical services that align with the needs of our customers. With utmost care and precision, we work to optimize the system to make sure it provides all necessary electrical outputs and at the same time not compromising on the building codes. At Vine Electrical, we offer all the electrical services you need for a newly built house- lighting, outlets, audiovisual, internet connection, networking, security systems.

We respect the homeowners who request to provide our service within a strict time frame and understand the importance of deadlines. So, our team arrives on time at the location and gets the job done quickly while providing high-quality services.

At Vine Electrical, our primary motto is to provide electrical systems with utmost safety and quality. All our electricians are licensed and experienced in performing electrical works. No job is big or small for us. Whether your property is a small single bedroom house or a huge commercial building, we provide our services with the same quality. So, if you are looking for the best construction electrician services in Auckland, contact us now at enquires@vineelectrical.co.nz to avail the best electrical services.