Whether it is the entire property or just a specific part, Vine Electrical can be there to get you up to date with common safe wiring practice. Including the installation of RCD’s for personal protection, to upgrading switchgear (light switches and power sockets) to even upgrading your whole switchboard and rewiring of house or commercial property. In the renovation process we will keep in close contact with the client and project manager to ensure they are closely involved with the design and are happy with the final outcome.

Electrical Concerns During Renovation

Change is beautiful, and so are renovations. A modern new interior, a millennial vibe…….

but the same, worn-out electrical switches, there are only a few who pay heed to the new electrical needs while renovating their house. We all know what a roller-coaster ride renovating your home or commercial space can be. There are so many “electrical” factors you have to keep in mind while renovating your house, the placement of new lights, switches, fans, and the very fundamental, wiring – everything needs to be well thought out, not just in terms of design but functionality as well. So, if you, too, are all set for that dreamy renovation of your space but are clueless as to whom to hire as the electrical service, we can absolutely get your pain and frustration.

This is when renovation specialist electrical services come into the picture. If you are searching for a renovation electrician in Auckland, Vine Electrical will help you in the right direction. We fulfil all your electrical requirements during a renovation, be it commercial or domestic we can help you install/re-install your new and existing electrical fixtures with ease. We merge beauty with functionality so that your renovated space looks sharp and clean.

Renovation Electrician That Delivers on Time and on Budget

So, you have finally made your mind about getting your space renovated, but on a strict time and budget. No worries, we all have our restrictions, don’t we? However, if you live in and around Auckland, this dilemma of yours can be catered as Vine Electrical are renovation electrician in Auckland offering quick electrical services for both commercial and domestic renovations at great prices. Our master electricians know their job and deliver quick and efficient services in just a single call out. So, whether it’s the installation of a new appliance you bought for your renovated home or a swanky lighting design for your office or any general repairs — we do it all for you at standard prices.

We understand how precious time is for you, and so do our skilled Auckland electricians who leave no stone unturned to give solutions to all your electrical problems in a jiffy. Be it a new installation or maintenance job– all these services are done quickly so that you get time to unwind in your new space.

More importantly, we do not just pose as your electrical experts; as soon as our expert electricians enter the renovation process, they stay in close coordination with the project manager to ensure that whatever they do is in sync with your space’s new design and looks exactly the way the client wants it to be. After all, in this millennial era, nobody wants the electrical system of their space to remain in the 60s, especially if they’re already reworking on the design part. And therefore we make sure to use the latest technologies and tools while renovating your premise, which is in absolute synergy with your transformed space.

Electrician for Renovations & Extensions

Home renovations can increase the comfort and enjoyment of your home. However, at the same time, it can be quite taxing and stressful if you don’t find the right contractor for the job. At Vine Electrical, we’ve been helping our customers get the homes of their dreams through our electrical renovation and extensions services.

    The services we offer are:

  • Extensions of existing wires.
  • Upgrades to existing electrical fixtures.
  • Breaker box upgrade and installation.
  • Professional and courteous service.

There are so many factors you need to keep in mind while renovating the electrical system of your house, the placement of new lights, switches, and fans. Everything needs to be well thought out, not only in terms of design but also in functionality. But a good electrician can easily fix these issues. Our team comprises the best renovation electricians in Auckland who are not only great at their job but also fast and efficient. We use practical repair techniques to fix the issues with the best possible method. So, contact us now at enquires@vineelectrical.co.nz to avail the best electrical renovation and extensions services in Auckland.

Why Hire an Electrician for Home Renovations

Reworking and renovating your electrical wiring can be a difficult task, it needs a great deal of skill and expertise. It is important that you have a professional electrician conduct a full inspection of the electrical system and determine whether you need to install new wires or circuits to keep your home safe.

A professional electrician can have a design and aesthetic sense of proper lighting. They can also suggest how lighting can save energy consumption, last longer, and many more. Along with this, if you are upgrading your home, you need to upgrade the electrical panel also. You can’t use the old ones because most older homes were designed to use 30 to 50 amps of power which might not be suitable for new homes. So, having a professional can help you in making better and safer choices.

We at Vine Electrical, provide electrical and renovation services at very affordable prices. Our staff is licensed and highly qualified. They are highly experienced and complete the task on time. So, contact us now at enquires@vineelectrical.co.nz to avail the best electrical renovation and extensions services in Auckland.